Thursday, September 20, 2007

wow them with your brows

I never did anything to my brows, except pluck the heck out of them, until a few years back. A was at a Benefit counter, and the salesperson insisted I use something to enhance my brows. She said that a bit of color and wax could lengthen my overly plucked brows and make my eyes stand out more. Since my intensely blue eyes are my favorite feature, I was all for it! So I purchased Benefit's Brow Zings. I used this occasionally, but never got used to the look, possibly because the color I bought was slightly too dark (It is possible that at the time, they only had two color choices, and the lightest one wasn't light enough for the Light looks online to be fairly light).

Time pasted and my Brow Zings had long gone bad... you know what smell I'm talking about. But I had started using a bit for some shape and color enhancement. A little touch up on your brows really does make all the difference. I read on some blog about DuWop's BrowWow set and I knew I had to try it. So I ran over to Sephora, my home away from home, and picked it up. The Light color works perfect for my hair/skin tone (blonde, blue eyed and fair), and I love the highlighter that comes with it! You just touch a little under your brows with your finger, and voila! Perfection!
Brow Lovely!

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