Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I finally did it...

Recently my will power has been extremely weak. I have been unable to resist an urge to run down to Sephora on my lunch, and drop wads of cash on products that catch my eye during my morning perusing of beauty blogs.

A few friends of mine have raved about NARS blush in Orgasm, but I was sceptical because they all have such different skin tones. How could one blush look good on both dark and light skinned ladies?! But the instance I saw it on display (they actually had three different testers out at Sephora...yeah!), I knew I had to have it! The subtle yet charming shimmer looked amazing, and it gives me that natural flush without looking like I'm wearing blush.

I ended up getting the Bronzer-Blush Duo in Laguna-Orgasm because I didn't have a pressed bronzer so I figured it was a good investment. I almost love the bronzer even more. I got a nice tan on my Labor day vacay, but not on my face (I always wear 30), so the bronzer adds a nice healthy glow without the cancer risk. Its a bit pricey but I have a feeling its going to last me a long time... and the packaging is amazing! Love the matte black compact, huge mirror, and giant NARS lettering. Fabulous!

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cupcake sarah said...

I love Nars blush in Orgasm, I've used it for several years now. It's such a great shade that is wearable year round, and it really does work on most skin tones. I even have the gloss in Orgasm, also quite lovely!!