Monday, September 24, 2007

lip gloss addict

I finally went to Sephora today and treated myself to something I absolutely didn't need and it felt great. I wanted to try YSL's Golden Gloss because my friend Megan swears by it, but I'll have to go to Nordstrom for that because Sephora doesn't carry their makeup line, only the YSL fragrances. So I checked out my other favorite French fashion house, Dior.

I picked up Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect, a new formulation of their previous lip glosses with extra shine and a bit more sparkle. I picked color number 157, called Jersey Pink, an iridescent golden pink, and it looks divine. The gloss isn't too sticky and there isn't much taste, which I like. It will be good for a night out, but maybe not as an everyday gloss since its on the pricier side at $24.50. I love the bottle design with the door knob-like top and the box its comes in is a cool metallic pink-silver. Yeah for creative, thoughtful package design!

Gloss Lovely!

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