Thursday, September 27, 2007

love your body shop

I could post a new post everyday about The Body Shop, that is how much I love them, evident in the fact that I am up for my second "gift" for the second time this year. The Love Your Body Rewards Club was the best thing that ever happened to me. I didn't even pay for it initially since it was my birthday month. I am addicted to their body butter, as I have mentioned before. I can't shave my legs if I don't have any to smooth on afterwards. Their shower gels are awesome, my roommates always comment on how good my showers smell! I have just started to discover their makeup line, which was recently revamped. Their skin care lines are extensive, with something for every skin type, and they are having a sale right now. That is my favorite thing about The Body Shop, all their great sales and promos. The semi-annual sales are AMAZING, held around July and right after Christmas every year. I get body butters and showers gels for a fraction of the price (i.e. $4 instead of $20). Its rediculous!

Anyways. I'll stop gushing and just give you the stats on the Love Your Body card because I think it is the best deal around, and even if you have to pay the $10 fee, it pays for its self a dozen times over!

  • 10% off all qualifying purchases from

  • A birthday gift when you come in during your birthday month (retail value up to $10)

  • Earn 1 point for spending $20 or more, 2 points for $50 or more

  • Earn your fourth point, and choose a free product valued at up to $15

  • Earn your eighth point, and choose a free product valued at up to $25 and a free membership renewal

  • Exclusive email updates on what's happening in our shops

  • Special offers by e-mail and direct mail

  • Special Savings during "Customer Appreciation days"

Love your Body Lovely!

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