Wednesday, September 19, 2007

natural goodness

I never felt the need to use hand lotion until I started working full time in an office. Washing your hands continually with industry soap in the restroom makes my hands all dry and unhappy, especially in the winter months. Normally, if I use hand lotion I just want to wipe it off right away because it makes my hands all slimy and useless.

Then I went to my local Aveda store a few months back... oh god, has it been a year?! Time flies... and got roped into their membership points plan because the $10 fee came with this cute bag with samples of their Shampure Shampoo & Conditioner, Foot Relief, and my new best friend, Hand Relief. Haven't really used the other items much, but I took the little Hand Relief to work one day, and my life hasn't been the same since. It smell is subtle so it won't bother yours neighbors, and it absorbs really quickly, leaving your hands moisturized without that sticky, slimy feeling. I can start typing right after I put it on. I think it smells like herbal tea, the website says it has licorice extract, meadowfoam seed oil, and vitamins A and E in it. I went back and bought the full size for $18 and it has lasted me over 3 months! A little goes a long way. Continual use is supposed to increase moisture levels and elasticity...anti-aging for your hands! Its fabulous!
Moisturize Lovely!

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