Monday, September 29, 2008

Anastasia's Brow Duality

A well known trick used by makeup artists is highlighting the inner corners of the eyes to make you look more awake and your eyes look bigger and brighter. I've used varies different highlighting pencils over the years, but Anastasia's are my new favorites. They have a new set out called Brow Duality in two shades so that everyone can get the highlighting they want, whatever your skin tones.

The Brow Duality pencils are dual ended (hence the name) and they come two tones. You can get either Sand/Camille, pink tones of matte and shimmer highlighters, or Lace/Shell, tan tones of matte and shimmer highlighters. Personally, I used the matte end under my brows, to give them definition without adding any darkness to the actual brows. Then I use the shimmer end on the inner corner of my eye and under my bottom lashes a bit. The effect is a beautiful subtle glow. But you could use either side anywhere really. It's all about what your are trying to highlight and how much you want things to pop!

So try one out, which ever will go with your skin tones the best or sounds like the color tones you usually use. I like the Sand/Camille most of the time but the Lace/Shell looks nice if I'm doing a golden glowy look on my eyes. The matte end may not work for all darker skin tones but I think the shimmers could compliment anyone. Brow Duality will be available at Sephora stores starting around October 23 for $23.

Highlight Lovely!

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i really like this!