Monday, September 15, 2008

Make Up For Ever's Aqua Eyes and Flash Color

Make Up For Ever is truly a line of products designed with real makeup artists in mind. Their products create gorgeous color and last forever. The quality is top notch and every time I try a new products I am amazed at the results.

I've seen MUFE's Aqua Eyes eyeliners talked about for awhile, but I never understood what the big deal was. It's just a pencil right?! Well, now I know. These eye pencils are fabulous! They are super creamy and soft, but the pigment is true and dark. They glide right on and then last for hours, even under extreme situations i.e. swimming, crying, scuba diving... ok, I haven't tried that last one but you get the idea. I highly recommend them for all your lining needs.

If you are more into the pot eyeliner thing, you should try MUFE's Flash Color pots. They are super easy to apply with a good eyeliner brush and once dry, they don't budge! I got the Bright Royal Blue, which is super fun to make any dull eye look pop! You can use it for all over lid color or just as eyeliner. What ever is your fancy!

Now I just need to try MUFE's new HD foundation line. I'm sure I'll be amazed.

Color Lovely!

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marisol said...

Hi Beth-

The black MUFE liner is the best. I use it for my waterline and it works fairly well. I also like the gel liners from MUFE.