Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Grapefruit ME! More Products to Try

As you may have noticed, I'm CRAAAAZY obsessed with all things GRAPEFRUIT. It is kind of an addiction. But hey, at least I know for sure (more or less) if it has grapefruit in it, I'm going to like it. Here are some of my latest grapefruit finds:

Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash in Pink Grapefruit: This cheapy drugstore body wash has the scent I love and a bit of salicylic acid to keep body breakouts at bay. It even has little pink scruby beads for mild exfoliation. What a better scent to wake up to, huh?

Sephora Indulgences Pink Grapfruit Body Smoother: This giant tub of gooy body scub is a grapfruit lovers heaven. It lathers nicely and leaves a faint feeling of moisture and scent. After a long scrub in the shower (usually have to turn off the water to get the suds going without having them wash off) I feel fresh and sooo very clean. It is on sale now for $15 so I'm not sure how much longer it will be around.

Marc Jacobs Splash in Grapefruit: This limited edition perfume is really a dream come turn for me. I always love scents with grapefuit in them, but this one concentrates on it the most, adding a touch of ginger and white musk for some depth only. It is a perfect summer day scent, to cool you off during the heat. It is light enough that you can spray it everywhere... and you better believe I will. The huge 10oz eau de toilette is only $68. Not bad, but I wonder how long that will really last me.

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marisol said...

That Marc Jacobs fragrance has peaked my interest.

心。葵 said...


me love grapefruit smell too!

i was wondering do you have this Japanese brand called Shokutbutsu? They have a shower gel in Pink Grapefruit! Smells like TBS ones! And i love TBS body butter in Pink Grapefruit too!

MyLipStuff lipbalm also offers grapefruit flavoured lipbalm which I quite love too ^_^

Have a good day!