Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sephora by OPI... Not just nail polish!

Not only does OPI's new line for Sephora have a great selection of nail polish colors, they have some awesome nail care items. I've had a chance to try a few already:

Daily Hand Moisturizer: This is a great hand cream to keep in your purse. It absorbs quickly and softens up your rough hands and cuticles in between manicures. I love the scent too, very floral and pretty. The website says it smells like fresh cut wildflowers but I smell tons of gardenia to be specific. The 1.7oz is perfect for travel and everyday use and its only $5!

Brush On Cuticle Oil: This little tube is a great way to keep your cuticles in top shapes, even if you don't get manicures often. I would recommend keeping it on your bedside table, along with your favorites bedtime lip balm, and apply it every night before sleep. Rub it in, pushing your cuticles back and you'll never even be tempted to have the manicurist trim your cuticles (a BIG no-no). For $9 its worth trying!

Nail Lovely!

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