Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nude Skincare Cleansing Facial Oil

I have been dying to try Nude skincare ever since I saw it's packaging. Yes, its all natural, made from nothing but the good stuff for your skin, yada, yada. But look at those bottles would ya?! They are simply gorgeous. The round edged rectangles and squares of varying sizes and shades of pinkish purple are like something out of a space age movie. So hot and modern, sleek and new, I was simply in love. But seriously, this is a great line of products that are:
I have tried the Cleansing Facial Oil a few times this week, and besides it gracing my bathroom shelf with poise and elegance, it is a great face wash. Using an oil to clean your face might be counter intuitive to some. Once you get over that fear, it feels so amazing you won't miss your sudsy soaps at all. Just smooth on a good amount of the oil all over your dry face, then wet your hands and rub them together to create a slightly milky substance. Then rub them all over your face and rinse. You face will feel clean and super smooth, without a touch of dryness or a hint of makeup left. The oil has a nice slightly scent of floral essential oils, so it is great at bedtime to relax you. I'm exited to try more Nude products, so add to my pretty collection, and to see what else they can do without all that "nasty" bad for my skin stuff. Nude is available online on their website, at a few Barneys, a few Whole Foods, a handful of Sephora locations and on

Cleanse Lovely!

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