Friday, September 19, 2008

Givenchy's Phenomen'Eyes: Creating Art with Innovation

You have to have been living under a rock if your haven't seen the latest and greatest innovation in mascara by Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes. Thought up Le Makeup's Artistic Diector Nicholas Degennes, the brush in the shape of a ball at the end of a stick is unlike anything every made for putting on mascara before. I finally got my hands on a tube (only available at Sephora mind you) and it is pretty fantastic. I'm not sure I've mastered the application yet, it is just so different that any other mascara I've applied before. The best direction I got was to use the end of the ball and paint all your lashes with it, then use the sides of the ball to go over them again and curl your lashes. The ball really allows you to get every last lash. Very cool. Definitely worth all the hype and excitement that has been buzzing. But it is not over...

To coincide with the launch of Phenomen'Eyes – a revolutionary high-precision mascara with a patented ground-breaking spherical brush – Parfums Givenchy commissioned British artist Ian Wright to create a work of art using approximately 5,000 of the Phenomen'Eyes brushes. The result was “5045 Lashes,” a work that symbolizes the "remix" of a fashion-inspired beauty collection with art.

An accomplished artist, Wright is best known for his collage work, creating portraits and artwork out of various materials ranging from buttons to strategically placed scraps of paper. With this in mind, Parfums Givenchy provided Wright with 5,000 Phenomen'Eyes mini mascara brushes in an effort to marry beauty with the art world.
The project began in August 2008 and was completed 12 days later. In the end, Wright chose to recreate an illusion of a 45' record using only the mascara brushes as his medium. The unique circular brush shape brought back memories of Wright's early childhood, listening to the voices of Dusty Springfield and Roxy Music on the record player. The pure glamour of glistening black vinyl became thoughts of glistening black lashes, and the inspiration for the Phenomen'Eyes project was born.

“5045 Lashes” was unveiled last night at the Christopher Henry Gallery (127 Elizabeth Street), and will now appear throughout New York City in pop-up galleries this fall (Oct 10th and 11th at Sephora SoHo; Oct 17th and 18th at Sephora Union Square).

Pretty innovative huh? I think it is awesome! I think of beauty as my form of art, so this right up my alley. Wish I could be in NYC to check out the show. If you go, tell me how it is!

Lash Lovely!

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