Monday, August 4, 2008

Badgley Mischka The Fragrance

This is a fragrance I did not expect to like, right off the bat. From previous experiences I know that I am not a fan of anything in a gold bottle. Does that sound weird? Well, it's been true until now. They are usually just too warm and spicy for me. But this fragrance changed my tune.

Badgley Mischka The Fragrance is inspired, just like the designer fashion collection, by vintage elegance and sophisticated glamor. The bottle reminds me of something you would see in a 1940s Hollywood picture, sitting on a lady's elegant dressing table. It is definitely a heavier scent than I'm used to. I would only wear it at night or maybe in the winter. But I feel like it is very unique and memorable and it almost fits who I am, the ultimate goal in picking one's signature scent.

The tops notes are "romantic fruits" like red wild berries, fresh peach and creme de cassis. In the middle it has a bouquet of "sensuous florals" Osmanthus flower (no idea what that is... aren't fragrance ingredients fun?!), white peony and jasmine. The dry down creates "elegant sensuality" with suede musks, indian sandalwood, caramel amber, and patchouli.

Surprisingly enough it doesn't start to stink on my skin with the dry down like some that are this heavy. I would recommend it for someone who is looking for an elegant, more intense fragrance. Even if they are scared of them like me. Just be sure to get a sample and wearing it for a few days!

Spritz Lovely!

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