Monday, August 11, 2008

Too Faced Lash Injection Pinpoint Mascara

It seems like every month brands are coming out with new ways to coat and paint your lashes. I've noticed that the biggest and best innovation for mascaras have been with the way the formulas are applied, i.e. the brush material and shape.

I've heard great things about Too Faced's Lash Injection mascara but I've never gotten around to trying it. I only have so many lashes to test on, ya know?! So when I was offered the opportunity to try out the lasted version of their legendary formula, I jumped. Lash Injection Pinpoint Extreme Defining, Volume & Lengthening Mascara is unique because of its tiny sleek "pinpointed" brush. At first, it felt weird to use but once I got the hang out it, I loved it. You have to use lots of little strokes but the effect is great. You can literally get to all your lashes, even those tiny ones in the corners, without getting mascara on your face! It grabs on to lashes you didn't even know existed and draws them out and curls them up! I even did my lower lashes for a night out and the effect was dramatic without being spidery or over done. And a huge plus, since this is the type of mascara that forms tubes around your lashes, it doesn't smear or fall down after a few hours. It comes off pretty easily with makeup remover and a little rubbing. It costs a measly $19.50 and currently only available at Sephora.

Lash Lovely!

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marisol said...

I am looking forward to trying this mascara. I got one in the Too Faced kit from the Nordstroms sale.

maiflower said...

Since it forms tubes around your lashes, I was wondering if your lashes might get pulled out when you try to wash the mascara off.