Thursday, August 14, 2008

Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener

I mentioned last week that I was looking for products to wake up my sleepy looking eyes. I thought I would try Smashbox's Photo Op Under Eye Brightener, since it seemed to be exactly what would deminish my sad dark circles. Now that I've tried it, I am happy enough with it, but it isn't everything I was looking for. It does indeed brighten, by adding a bit of sheen and shimmer, which reflects light to give you the "effect" of lightness. But it doesn't actually cover the dark, since it is very light and pale. If this sounds like enough for you, go for it. The brush applicator makes it easy to use and blending is simple with your finger. For days when you need extra coverage, a more opaque concealer should be used, perhaps underneath, to really covers those shadow.

Brighten Lovely!

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marisol said...

Have you used YSL Touche E'Clat? (I hope I spelled that right)

Supposed to help with under eye brightening.

Jennifer said...

I've tried Smashbox Photo Op and was a bit disappointed too - it does nothing for those super-tired days.

Laurel said...

For eye brightening and concealing, you must try Benefit Erase Paste. But just a little. This stuff is amazing!

And for even better concealing and brightening of dark under-eye circles, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, better than Lorac Double Feature! This makes you look absolutely flawless!

eikcaj said...

thanks guys! i'm definitely going to look into those few products mentioned!