Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Marini Lash Contest Winner

I just wanted to thank you all for entering in my Marini Lash Giveaway. I appreciate all the stories people told me about their sad lashes. I wish I had 10 to give away, but I had to just pick one. Congratulations to Jan, who's touching story of a mishap at the eye doctor won my sympathy:

I would really love to try this lash product. Recently I had my yearly eye examination. One of the tests I was given involved pulling back my eyelids to find out if there was any damage from wearing contact lenses. I didn't realize until I got home and looked in a mirror, but the doctor had pulled out my eyelashes when he pulled back the eyelids. Both of my eyes are missing all of the lashes in the middle of my eyes. They were too sore to consider using false lashes so I was forced to look like a freak for one week until I could glue some false lashes on.

My lashes were sparse to begin with, so I'm not even sure if they will grow back. It pains me to think about it. Some people have suggested that I bill the doctor for any treatment I try to use, but I know that it's a valid test he did and it's not really his fault that my lashes are wimpy.

That's my sad story. I would love to win the Marini Lash Contest. It would lift my lash-induced depression.


I hope this helps you Jan. Now I'm scared to go to the eye doc! Eck! Anyways thanks again to everyone for reading and I hope to have many more giveaways in the future!

Lash Lovely!

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