Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bioelements Oxygen Cocktail and Oxygenation

Did you know, back in prehistoric times, the atmosphere contained oxygen levels of 35%, but over the years the rise in pollution has dramatically decreased this number and today it’s down to just 21% and even lower in some major cities?! The drop in oxygen levels is due to the rising levels of pollution. When it comes to your skin, oxygen is vital for a radiant, younger, and less-lined complexion. In fact, your skin needs more than just the oxygen you breathe, it requires the use of oxygen-rich products to keep it functioning properly and looking its best.

Bioelements Oxygen Cocktail and Oxygenation can help your skin stop suffocating your skin and let it breathe with. They are two high performing, specialists-designed products to enhance your skin’s protective barrier and “push” essential oxygen into surface layers.

Oxygen Cocktail ($39.00 for 1oz) is a barrier-enhancing serum of moisture-binding hyaluronic acid blended with an oxygen-boosting Tissue Respiratory Factor. A few drops of this serum applied to a freshly washed face will boost its ability to fight visible aging and promote a smoother, less-lined appearance. It is great for skin showing premature wrinkles, a sallow skin tone, chronic dryness, poor elasticity, dehydration, surface wrinkles or a sluggish appearance.

After applying the Oxygen Cocktail, keep pumping that oxygen into your skin by following it up with Bioelements Oxygenation ($50.00 for 1oz). This is an oxygen-rich creme containing stabilized hydrogen peroxide in a high-performance base reinforced with antioxidant vitamins and green tea. A small amount (no more than a pea) applied to your entire face will infuse your skin with oxygen as it “pushes” protective ingredients deep into surface layers to fight off environmental pollutants and reduce dullness. And the great thing about Oxygenation is that it is also an intensifier which speeds up the results you get from your other skincare products, helping them perform better.

I really liked both products when I tried them, but I think they would work even better on someone with more normal-to-dry skin, versus my normal-to-oily complexion. They did feel very soothing, but I felt I could only apply them at night, or else my skin might get greasy very quickly. My (thankfully) young skin doesn't need this kind of anti-aging treatment yet... I might pass it on to someone who does. It is Mother's Day soon...

Both products are available at spas nationwide and online at Spalook.com or Dermstore.com.

Breath Lovely!

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