Friday, April 24, 2009

Sonia Kashuk Spring Treasures Collection For Taget

I have been a fan of Sonia Kashuk's beauty products for Target for years and years. In fact, my ultimate fav blush/bronzer brush is one I bought from her collection like 7 years ago. It is still super soft and hasn't started losing its bristles hardly at all. Sonia Kashuk seems to develop good quality products at VERY reasonable prices. So I was thrilled to try out a few things from her limited edition spring 2009 collection. The limited edition collection marks Sonia Kashuk’s tenth anniversary with Target, celebrating ten years of providing quality cosmetics and professional beauty tools at affordable prices. Wahoo.

The spring 2009 collection is inspired by the ocean, combining innovative design with exotic marine life and high quality materials... at really recession-friendly prices! I got to try out the Hidden Treasure Brush Set ($19.99) and the how to create the "Freshness of Spring" palette ($19.99).

The brush set is a little on the cheesy side with the silver coral handles, but it would make a
 really cute gift. The quality of the brushes is top notch, as I well know. The set includes a blush/powder brush, large eye shadow brush, angled eye shadow brush, nylon concealer brush, crease eye shadow brush and small eye shadow brush. The set of brushes come in a chic, coral-print case with luxe silver lining that can double as a clutch.

The "Freshness of Spring" palette is actually a very well puty together palette. I'm often not very found of palettes that include lip glosses, since they tend to get messy or are never used. But the eye colors and blush color makes up for it on this one! The palette includes step-by-step instructions on how to create a soft look that is perfect for spring. It includes three shades for eyes, pale pink, lovely deep lilac and a highlighting shadow that adds a serious shimmer. Lacquer your lips with three varied lip colors including an shimmering pink, a sheer rose and a flirty red. A soft pink blush completes the look for a fresh, flawless face that just screams spring.

Spring Lovely!

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