Thursday, April 16, 2009

Boscia Clear Complexion Kit

Although I have my suspicions (going to bed with my makeup on, hormones, weather change, etc.), I'm not entirely sure why I started breaking out the other week. All I knew was I needed a change, or at least to amp up my skin care routine to fight that nasty bacteria and dry those pimples out! I received Boscia's Clear Complexion Kit a long time ago, but hadn't gotten around to trying it out. What a better time then when my skin needed clearing up?! It seems to be a great system for someone like me, with combination skin that can get irritated and dried out with certain acne fighting products. The tonic is super refreshing after cleansing the the treatment serum goes on easy and doesn't feel too sticky. The moisturizer I had tried before, so I knew it was light and absorbs moderately fast and doesn't have be greasy a few hours later. After a week of treatment, my skin is on the way to looking much better, without any yucky dry feeling spots or new breakouts. Yay bosica. Goes to show, natural products can work just as good as the chemically stuff.

Fight Lovely!

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kathie said...

oh cool! Great review! Thanks!

sarah said...

Has Boscia helped you long term? I'm having a horrible bout of hormonal acne (after getting off birth control...which I'm starting back up again) and I'm super desperate to clear up my skin. I've been looking at reviews of Boscia's kit and they are mixed. If I can't find something over the counter that works, I'm heading to my dermatologist!!