Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Grey is The New Black

I have been LOVING Grey since last fall when I got a few different pieces in grey (dark grey slacks, grey sweater, grey alligator pumps). I think it is such a fresh look, especially on blondes, which I am blessed to be. So much better than all the Brown that was in when I lived in Europe in the fall of '05. Yuck. So I was ecstatic that Grey is all over for Fall this year, and I wanted to extend that look to my makeup, of course!

I saw on The Beauty Addict's Blog (love her, she is one of the best beauty bloggers out there!) that Clinique came out with their Holiday 2007 collection: Happy and Bright. And low and behold, her favorite product in the line up is the brush-on cream liner in Smoke Grey. I knew I had to check it out! I love my MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack so i knew I could handle a cream pot liner, and the Beauty Addict claims Clinique's is a bit easier to put on since its creamer, yet it still lasts.

So off I went to Sephora. I found the grey pot liner on the Clinque display. But in the jar it looks really brown, almost purplish! So I poked around the store for other brands, looking for pot liners in grey and came out empty handed. I know it was lunch hour and Sephora's sales people aren't paid on commission (something I usually like about shopping there) but I needed some guidance and there was no one!

My next stop was Nordstrom, to check if MAC's Fluidline came in grey. It does not. Boo. I wandered around the makeup counters again, without any hope in site... and stumbled on... Clinique! The guy who helped me was soo nice, I told him I wanted the Smoke Grey pot liner but was disappointed about how brown it looked. Well, he whipped out a Q-tip and showed me on his hand how NOT brown it was once applied! So awesome! I bought the Smoke Grey, along with a tiny eyeliner brush, and brush cleaner! I spent almost $50, probably in part because he was such a good, helpful salesperson. He even gave me a tip about how to make it last and not dry out as quickly: always dip into the pot around the sides, never in the middle. That way less air will get into the paint and dry it out. I think I'm going to love my new grey liner so much this fall it might make the cold weather bearable!

Line Lovely!

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