Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Red nails are Sexy

I'm usually very boring when it comes to my nails. I always go for pale pink or a french manicure if its a special event, but I like to have fun with my toes (currently they are bright fuchsia, a last ditch effort to enjoy the summer). I paint them dark shades of red or pink, depending on the season and my mood. I like to buy my own OPI colors and bring them to the salon, so that if I need to do a touch up later, I own the correct polish. I bought OPI's Belize it or Not the other month, thinking it was a great toe color, a nice blue, almost purple red, very different than my old stand by I'm Not Really a Waitress (a very serious red).

This weekend, in preparation for a Halloween extravaganza, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and paint Belize it or Not on my fingers. And I love it! I had a manicure the week prior and they had done a magnificent job shaping my nails nice and square (something I am terrible at!), so the red looked very classic and dramatic. All I needed was one quick coat and then I used my secret weapon for at-home manicures: Revlon's ColorStay Always On Sealing Shine topcoat. The secret to a great manicure in a shop is the topcoat and this stuff is awesome! It seals in the color and minimizes chipping for a fairly long time. My tips are starting to wear off now that its been 3 days, but I think that's pretty good. It comes in a package with the nail color, and when used together, it lasts even longer. My favorite shade is Pink Camisole and for $5-6 bucks at any drugstore, the set is a steal!

Paint Lovely!

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nilla cookie said...

I think red nails are sexy too! I do variations of red all year long on my toes and nails just to sass it up. :)

I love OPI colors, the formula is so nice and rich; I just can't get enough mani/pedis ;)