Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thickefy your Style!

While I am a beauty product junkie, I have never been too obsessed with hair care products. Like most women I have only experimented with products for my hair type and the complaints I have with it! You see, I have very fine, limp, bone-straight hair. The longer it is the flatter it gets so I tend to keep it short, but I am always trying new products to get some more lift in my do.

My stylist recently moved salons (its such a better space, I'm so happy for her!) and the products in her new salon are different than what she used on me before. Her old salon used Kerastase, which I liked OK, but its on the expensive side (~$35 for shampoo!). Her new place uses Sebastian products, which I have used in the past but never really felt too passionate about it.

The new volumizing line is awesome! Its called Body Double and it creates texture and volume like nothing I've tried before! The best part though is it smells like citrusy Pink Grapefruit, my favorite scent! I am currently using the shampoo and conditioner which are great, but my favorite product I've tried is the Thickefy Styler, a "lush, frothy foam instantly thickens fine or thin hair while adding weightless texture, volume and hold with a natural feel." Its fabulous, I can't wait to try the other Body Double products! You can purchase Sebastian in salons and at beauty supply stores like Pure Beauty.

Style Lovely!

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