Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Perfect 10

Who doesn't want to be a perfect 10? And be able to do it with as little work as possible? Well, one of my hometown favorite brands has a product that will help you do just that! I fell in love with Benefit Cosmetics long ago at a makeup counter in Bloomie's on my first trip to New York. But seeing as they are based in my lovely city of San Francisco, they now hold a special place in my heart.

Benefit seems to come out with new products every week. I can't keep track or atempt to try them all. Awhile ago, I was browsing through my Sephora downtown where the Benefit display is right in front of the door, and I discovered 10.

It is a flawless way to get your bronzer and highlighter applied in "One Sexy Sweep." I love the colors on my fair skin, although it may not work for darker skinned ladies. :( Sometimes I use just the highlighter for some glow on top my blush, but together they really make my cheek bones pop, not that they need much help! So check it out and check out all the other new things Benefit is coming up with.
Sweep Lovely!

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