Friday, October 12, 2007

Mad for Minerals

I'm always on the lookout for a new foundation. I'm never 100% satisfied with anything, and its always fun to try out new products (hence the name "Beauty Junkie"). My Tarte Pressed Powder that I reviewed the other month is already running out (don't think I'm getting that again!). To keep with the mineral foundation idea, I was browsing The Mineral Makeup Blog for new pressed powder brands and I found her post on Mineral Fusion's deal going on this month at Whole Foods Market. For $20 you get two shades of pressed powder in sample sizes, a full size bronzer compact, a small kabuki brush, and hydration mist. I was disappointed to find that it didn't come in Cool, since that was the color I think would most match my skin tone, but I picked up the Neutral anyways since it was such a good deal. I also grabbed a lip gloss in Serene while in the check out line for around $15.

While I don't think I wasted $20 completely, I was disappointed with the kit. The Neutral 2 actually matched my skin tone pretty well, but I had to put it on with my Bare Escentuals Kabuki Brush since the brush in the kit was awful. Really low quality, it wouldn't stop shedding little black bristles all over my face! Regularly, the pressed powder foundation is $36 though, far too much in my opinion. The bronzer compact has two colors, one gold-shimmery side and one orange-tan side. The tan is far too dark and pigmented for my fair skin, but I can use the gold side to highlight my cheeks or brow bones. The hydration mist seems ok, but I'm not sure I'll actually use it. And the lip gloss was a big mistake, color wise. Way too cotton-candy, eighties pink for me! I'm going to try and return or exchange it for something else,which I will test in the store this time! At least the taste wasn't too bad.

At the very least, I can feel good knowing that proceeds of the sale went to Pink United, a non profit organization which helps battle against breast cancer. I'll just have to keep looking for that perfect powder foundation.

Powder Lovely!

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nilla cookie said...

It's too bad that the kit didn't work out too well for you but I'd say that $20 is a small price to pay to discover new products! For a kit that's supposedly worth $122, I'd think that there would be at least one thing you could call a beauty staple. ;)

Glad to see that your investment went to a good BCA cause, and who knew that Whole Foods sold makeup?!