Thursday, November 1, 2007

Acne "Cure" Update and Body Butter Sale

Just a quick update on my purchase and experience with Philosophy's Acne Kit: I still love it! For the first time in week I don't have any new pimples, and my blackheads look like they are slowly rising to the surface (gross, huh?!), soon to be gone forever. I am using all the products in the kit, but I am staying on top of how dry the serum and H2O2 cream can make me, so as not to over do it! My favorite product by far is the Protection Cream. It makes my skin soft and smooth, perfect for makeup application, but you have to be sure and give it a full 2 minutes to set into your skin or you'll rub it off. When I do have a bit of dry skin from the Blemish Serum, I use a dab of The Body Shop's Aloe Soothing Day Cream on top, because it's gentle and won't clog my pores.

Speaking of The Body Shop, they just started one of their best promos ever: 2 for $30 Body Butters and Body Scrubs! Time to stalk up and save $10! The sale starts today online, and Friday in stores.

Shop Lovely!

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