Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Parisian Pretty

One of my favorite brands is often overlooked by American ladies. Bourjois Paris is a staple brand of the Parisian woman on a budget, according to my francophile friends. They do a lovely job combining fabulous color, high quality and a touch of whimsy into each of their products. Bourjois brings a touch of joi de vivre to your look, if you will.

I fell in love with Bourjois when my sister brought me back a tube of their Volume Glamour Mascara from her visit to Paris. Once the brand showed up in Sephora a year or so later, I began exploring the other products. If you are looking for colorful mascara, this is the brand to scope. They have every color you'd want, from plum to navy to bronze, in a variety of formulas. I also love their shadows, aka Ombre A Paupieres. They are baked powders with tons of pigment that come in a cute round pot with a mirror and mini sponge applicator for easy on the go touch ups.

Bourjois' Fall collection is a stunning mix of metallics and neutrals. They came out with a new shade of my favorite Mascara, in Ultra Black. The blush featured also looks like a good bet, Lilas D'Or, a pretty neutral pink. The lip gloss is a three-in-one product, combining the moisture of a lip balm, the shine of a gloss and the coverage of a lipstick, featured in a khaki color.
Try out some Bourjois products and let me know what you think!
Color Lovely!

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