Friday, November 9, 2007

Breakin My Own Rules

I am so bad at this saving stuff. I just have to go to Nordstrom today and buy the MAC Royal Assets Metallic Eyes Palette ($36). After checking out Temptalia's tutorial on a gorgeous golden-red holiday eye, I have to give in to my desires and buy the palette. The package design alone (set right) is gorgeous, but the colors will be so much fun to play with this fall and winter. I'll probably the Uppity Fluidline I've been drooling over. I'll deal with the consequences later, with beautiful eye makeup!

Color Lovely!

UPDATE: I did go buy the Metallic Palette (they were all out, but the lovely salesperson at Nordies's order it for me online and it's being shipping to my house for free! yeay Nordstrom!). I also got the Fluidline in Uppity and the Mineralize shadow Duo in Engaging (a bronze and a pink baked shimmery shadow). I tried out the look Temptalia did on her eyes, but I used the bronze from the duo instead of red, for a more subtle, golden eye. I thought it was beautiful! Unfortuately I didn't go do anything too exciting, so no one really saw it on me! I'll just have to do it again, next time I have a big night out!

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nilla cookie said...

I thought Temptalia's tutorial was super inspiring too, but when I went to go check it out myself, I wasn't as into it so I passed. I hope you get us and let us know what fabulous looks you're going to do with it! :)