Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How To: Winged Eyeliner

I am loving the revival of old Hollywood glamour among celebrities right now. With or without the red lipstick, the intense liquid eyeliner that wings out at the edge is hot! It might look a bit tricky to pull off, and it will certainly take you some time to perfect, but you too can get these sultry eyes. Just follow my lead:

Products: I think the best way to achieve this look is to use a gel pot eyeliner, such as MAC Fluidline in Blacktracks (have I mentioned before it's my fav?!) with a great eyeliner brush. The best out there for precision and control is Bobbi Brown's Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush. If painting the line on seems too hard, you can try a tradition liquid eyeliner, like Two Faced's Liquif-Eye . The key to a finding a good liquid eyeliner is making sure the tip is short. The longer it is, the harder it is to control. Another option are liquid liner pens, which might be easier for you. Dior's Liquid Eyeliner is great one. If anything liquid just scares you to death, go for an regular eyeliner that is waterproof and smudge proof. Since you are applying so much product, when you are done you want it to dry and stay put. I recommend Chanel's Stylo Yeux Waterproof.

Prep: After you apply your foundation, prep your eyelid with a neutral powder shadow, matte or shimmery depending on what kind of look you are going for. This will help the eyeliner to go on smoothly and stay put.

Method: You'll need to be as close to your mirror as possible. I prefer to stand right up next to my full length mirror so that both my hands are free and unobstructed. Starting with the inner corner of your eye, barely touch the liner to your lash line and slowly drag toward the outer corner. The key is to make your line as close to the lashes as humanly possible--its easy to fatter the line up later, but not easy to thin it out. As you reach the outside corner, flick your wrist slightly toward your temple to create a bit of a "wing". This should all be done with a half open eye, so you can tell the angle you want for the wing when your eyes are open. Go back and gently fill in the line to the thickness you want, with the widest part on the outside of your eye. Any mistakes you make can be easily fixed with a q-tip with a tiny bit of moisturizer and then reapply your eye shadow base.

Finish: Top off the look with a few coats of seriously volumizing black mascara. Whether you go for the daring red lip or the elegant neutral lip, keep the cheek color subtle. There is certainly such a thing as too much when it comes to glamour!

Line Lovely!

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CresceNet said...
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Gillian said...


I now realize that using my pencil liner is the source of most of my problems with this....I am going back at it again, this time with "expert" advice ;)

KatieKoo said...

Ah, I see you have profiled my most favoritest and oldest trick (seriously ... been doing this since age, what? 14??? ) I would add one thing to your commentary though... even with spectacular advice this trick just takes lots of practice. the first few times... are just going to look bad. eventually though, people will get the hang of it. also, at some point could you do something on "bad" makeup tips, trends or examples. I'd love to see your take on that.